Ho-Chunk Cultural Artists Workshop Series

Preparing for Winter  

As you walk through Teejop, you may ask yourself,  How did the Ho-Chunk survive the seasons in the region, the hot humid summers, or brutally cold winters? Let’s delve deeper into Ho-Chunk Indigenous ways of being and what that means as the seasons pass. Seasonal work continues and is shared by everyone in the community playing their part in preparation for the next season. Traditional artists perpetuate Ho-Chunk’s material culture. Their teachings assist in learning the first steps in preparing seasonal tasks. Ho-Chunk ways of being and existing in the region are alive today and started in the fall with the construction of a ciiporoke. Ho-Chunk traditional artists will explain to you that one task leads to another, and the work is more complex than these simple lessons. In this workshop series students and faculty will get a glimpse into the world and knowledge the Ho-Chunk hold dear to them in caring for their homelands.

Fall Preparing for Winter 

Thursday, November 3, 2022:

  • Building a ciipodoke outside DeJope Hall
  • Black Ash Basket making with Ho-Chunk artist Kimberly Crowley
  • Food preparation, corn processing, and braiding by Dan Cornelius

Thursday, November 17, 2022:

  • Protection from the winter elements gauntlet gloves made by Ho-Chunk Artist Heather Cloud.


More winter activity workshops planned for the spring semester, to start in February 2023.